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Lydia Krovack

Restaurant Owner

The Emerald membership gives you access to premium financing, marketing consultations, and business financing strategy plans. Simplified Funding Solutions also releases free tools for Emerald Members in the monthly newsletter, as well as getting free access to membership portals for 1 month free.

What You’ll Get After Joining:

Free Financing Strategy Call

After you join the Emerald Membership, we give you a complimentary 12 Month Financing Strategy, we spend 30 minutes with you talking about your goals and challenges, and then review your financial statements, to give you a clear window into what 2021 holds for your business.

What You’ll Get After Joining:

Free Marketing Strategy Call

After you join the Emerald Membership, we give you a complimentary marketing review. We go over what has worked for you as well as strategies that may not have been successful. We then troubleshoot what went wrong and come up with a simple solution for your marketing spend. Many clients see an increased return after using our marketing services.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Before the calls, please gather your last two years tax returns, as well as profit and loss and current balance sheet. For the Marketing call, gather your ad reports (if you have run ads) or any other materials you want to review.

What Happens During the Call

During the call we focus in on issues that are causing you to struggle in your business. With both calls we make sure to come up with strategies in order for you to overcome the hurdles we discuss.

What Changes After the Call

After the call we will give you a written financing plan for you to follow for the next 12 months, as well as a written marketing plan. You can use these personalized tools to grow your business and ultimately your income.

Why They Recommend Having a

Free Consultation Call

Why pass up the opportunity to invest in your company with free strategy sessions.

Timothy Robbins

SaaS Company, CO

"Simplified laid out an easy to follow financing strategy for my company to continue its's growth and not get bogged down by debt."

Sean Leborin

Coffee Shop, TX

"Not only was the financing call crucial in helping me create a plan for our next 18 months, but the marketing call gave us some great ideas and strategies to pursue that we hadn't thought of before."

Cynthia Mckinnon

Interior Designer, OR

"Simplified Funding Solutions asked key questions during our calls to help me find the perfect financial solutions to keep our profit margin in tact while borrowing."

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